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The Amazing Spiderman 2 was bad, not Michael Bay bad, but still not up to the high standards being set by Marvel Studios. I did like Dane DeHaan’s performance as Harry Osborn (Green Goblin), Jamie Foxx just sucked the big one as Electro! WTF happened to Rhino?? The best thing that could happen is for Sony to give the Spidey back to Marvel. 

The Sinster 6 film is going to be soooo LAME!

The Honest Trailer team gives the film some well deserved attention!

Summer is always a busy time for Geek Talk Geek so The Bridge Season 2 has been stacking up on the DVR. Decided to finally watch the premiere episode and got caught up in one sitting. A good show last year, The Bridge is heading towards excellence! Watch this show folks!!!

The Bridge is a Geek Talk Geek MUST WATCH!

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